Nov 9th & 10th - Symposium
Nov 11th - Trip

Thank you to all who attended VANILLA 2021,
both virtually and in-person. It was a wonderful event and we look forward to seeing you at the next one! 

Dear vanilla community and vanilla lovers,   

Please be aware that the pandemic compelled changes in venue and in format of the forthcoming Vanilla 2021 meeting.  The meeting will be held at the University of Florida, Homestead, Florida, rather than in Miami, the original meeting venue.  Homestead is located 30 minutes South of Miami.

November 9th & 10th will be the Symposium.  On November 11th there will be a trip to see Vanilla cultivation and Tropical Fruit in Homestead.

The meeting format will entail both in-person gatherings and in addition virtual meetings that will be carried out online. Attendees can register in two ways: in-person or virtual attendance.

Please stay tuned for more details. 

The top two issues plaguing vanilla today are:

  • the use of Natural Vanilla Flavor WONF with added vanillin

  • the lack of knowledge regarding how to cultivate vanilla in new geographical locations.


This meeting will also introduce a new perspective: the concept of vanilla cultivation in Florida. Vanilla is still not a completely cultivated plant, and as such, every time we move from small to intense farming there are new problems that we must learn to deal with. We will be discussing growing conditions, disease, and other important issues affecting the agriculture of vanilla. We believe the introduction of new vanilla production areas is beneficial to the vanilla business. We also believe that vanilla cultivation on American soil will accelerate the application of science and technology to the resolution of impending issues in vanilla production.


There is an ongoing crisis in the supply of cured vanilla beans; the high price of cured beans has made vanilla a luxury almost no one can afford. However, in the last year or two, prices have come down while quality has risen, leading to the same scenario of instability as before. Because of this uncertainty, the use of vanilla has been halved, from around 4000 to 2000 metric tons. End users seek to resolve this problem by formulating new flavors containing vanillin from natural sources, (Natural Vanilla Flavor WONF). Using vanillin in vanilla extract does not comply with the standard of identity. Companies that obey the law now find themselves at a disadvantage to ones that do not comply with these rules. The industry, however, wants to continue the use of properly cured and reasonably priced vanilla beans. It will take great effort to go back to Natural Vanilla and we believe that Florida-produced vanilla beans will contribute to the resurgence of vanilla. 

Below you can watch a video from our last Vanilla meeting in Moshi, Tanzania:

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