Vanilla Extraction

Dr. Krishna Bala
Dr Vanilla, LLC.

Fenton, MO USA

Vanilla extract is the most common, practical and used form of cured vanilla beans. The objective of the vanilla extraction process is to capture the delicate flavor of the fully cured beans. The extraction process is therefore a vital component contributing to the quality of the vanilla bean. Management of the process can deliver a total rounded flavor as well as providing enriched fractions depending on final use.


This presentation will cover the following topics.

  • Solid/ liquid extraction

  • Processing parameters

  • Uniqueness of the vanilla extraction process

  • Code of federal regulations


Dr. Krishna Bala president of Dr Vanilla is a Flavor Chemist by training. Krishna began his flavor and food science career during his college days at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where he received his doctorate degree. Krishna is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on vanilla. He and his group have introduced novel vanilla curing and extraction technologies. Krishna gained firsthand knowledge about vanilla cultivation and curing by working visits to vanilla producing countries, Madagascar, Mexico, Indonesia, India, Uganda, and Papua New Guinea. He has published numerous papers on vanilla beans properties and curing.

Previous Positions:

•           Vice President Beck Flavors

•           Vice President Danisco

•           Technical Director Firmenich

•           Partner Rodelle (ADM)