Sustainable production of vanillin from wood & the Borregaard biorefinery concept

Jørgen Fyhn Bjerkenes

Regional Sales Director
Biovanillin, Borregaard

Sarpsborg, Norway

Borregaard operates one of the world's most advanced and sustainable bio-refineries. By using natural, renewable raw materials, we produce advanced and environmentally friendly bio-chemicals that can replace oil-based products. Through the use of sustainably harvested spruce trees, Borregaard takes full advantage of all the possibilities this raw material has to offer.  Our bio-refinery model operates without the challenges of pollution & environmental impact seen with similar producers in the past. Utilizing the different components of wood, we produce bio-polymers, specialty cellulose, bio-vanillin, cellulose fibrils and bio-ethanol for a variety of applications in sectors such as agriculture and aqua culture, construction, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, foodstuffs, batteries and bio-fuels. Specific to the production of vanillin, Borregaard’s EuroVanillin SUPREME has superior properties, both in terms of sustainability, CO2 footprint and aromatic profile when compared to the oil-based alternatives. Produced since 1962, EuroVanillin SUPREME is in higher demand than ever.